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Watermelon Seed Food Processing

Release date:2020-06-22 | Number of views:1330

Watermelon seed food processing: the specially planted watermelon takes its seeds, and the larger grains are worthy of processing and utilization. After proper treatment, they can be made into very popular snacks

l  Sugar and salt melon seeds: Take 5 kg of watermelon seeds, wash them with water, drain them, and heat them in a wok. Take 300 grams of table salt and 1 gram of saccharin. Dissolve table salt with water first, add water to the extent that the salt can be completely dissolved, and then dissolve saccharin in salt water. Pour the salt and sugar semen into a pot of melon seeds, sauté them over a slow fire, until dry, or bake them in an oven. Serve with edible flavor.

l   Fragrant melon seeds: Wash 5 kg of watermelon seeds with water, drain them and stir-fry them, add 50 grams of cooked oil, 75 grams of salt and 1 gram of saccharin. When they are cooked, add the same amount of oil, salt and saccharin. Continue Stir-fry until dry, or directly use the oven to dry. After being out of the pan, spray with edible essence and serve.

l   Soy sauce melon seeds: Put the watermelon seeds in 1.5% lime water (1.5 kg of quicklime and 100 kg of water, take the supernatant liquid after dissolving) soak for about 5 hours, wash by hand, remove the submembrane, and wash according to 10:1 proportionally, put melon seeds, soy sauce, salt, fennel, and cinnamon into the pot, add water to soak the melon seeds, boil for about 1.5 to 2 hours, then change to a low fire, slowly bake, let the brine dry, or put it directly in Barbecue, the oven is dried at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius.

l  Salt-fried melon seeds: Wash 5 kg of watermelon seeds, drain them and sprinkle with 250 grams of refined salt, stir well and let stand for 3 hours, then dry or dry, and then put them in a wok and fry them.