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Growth environment of white melon seeds

Release date:2020-06-22 | Number of views:1415

Climate conditions: The frost-free period is more than 110 days, and the accumulated temperature is more than 2300 degrees. I like high temperature and less rain. Summer should not be rainy or foggy. Even rainy and foggy days will affect the sitting rate and the later growth.        


Requirements for land preparation: White melon seeds have strict requirements for land preparation, which are higher than the requirements for soybeans, corn, and wheat that we plant. Therefore, the land preparation work must be done in the autumn of last year, which is to harrow the ground after deep loosening. Deep loosening requires more than 30 cm to increase water permeability and enhance waterlogging resistance. The harrowing requirement is 17 to 19 cm, the soil is finely broken and loose, and the ground is flat, flat, open, broken, and thin. It can be ridged in autumn or the top slurry ridged next year. The ridge spacing is only 65 cm. Flat, straight ridges and even ridge spacing.        


Soil conditions: Choose sandy loam, loam, and acid black loess can be cultivated. White melon seeds have strong drought resistance and are afraid of waterlogging, so you should choose soil with high terrain, good drainage, good permeability, and not easy to waterlogging.         


Before sowing, we must first select. Seeds should be cleaned before sowing to remove deflated and deformed seeds. Seed quality standards: clarity is greater than 99%, moisture content is less than 9%, white melon seeds have a width of 12-12.5 mm. , The germination rate is more than 85%, just prepare 2 catties of seeds per mu of land. Before sowing, the seeds must be violent for 2-3 days on a sunny day to enhance the vitality of the seeds.